Eye Sea Postcard

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Beautiful gold embossed and foil enhanced postcard, and fine art print. Dual image on the reverse side, with gold foil lettering.

Soft touch, 4"x6"

Cowries - these shells are clarifying and royal. Largely depicting divine femininity, this shell is dependable, magical, safe, and comforting. Cowries are also the first known form of currency. Their hard shells, subtle variation of form and lacquered shields, enhanced their transcendent exchange.

The original is created with watercolor (cowrie seashell), hand embellished with 24K gold leaf, inlayed with crystal quartz and fossilized shark teeth (eyelashes).

Being able to be immersed in the ocean is something I never take for granted. The presence and timelessness I feel while floating is so powerful. This is a piece from my depths, to remind myself to see from the same heart-space that I experience while underwater. To remember the boundless strength within me, and all of us. I hope this brings oceans of awareness of love to you and yours.  

I hand embellish every single print with copper or gold leaf, these postcards translate that foil work with a gold embossed printed foil on every card. Largely ocean inspired, part of all proceeds go back to ocean conservation efforts.