Hammerhead Resin

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Hammerhead; Mano Kihikihi

With eyes wide, these strong, wise, and intelligent creatures understand a broader reality. Balance. Independence. 

Painting inspired by Annie Guttridge. Part of proceeds from this print are directly donated to her non-profit organization, Saving the Blue. 

The Hammerhead Shark reminds us of a quiet strength. Known for being shy, these elusive and graceful sharks are symbols for both mystery and guardianship, perceptions and shape shifters, peace and intuition. Most fish use one eye at a time. Hammerheads use both of their eyes together, much like humans, and the larger the width of their head, the wider range of view they have. These sharks have a 360 range of vision, meaning they may see all around them; above, below, behind, and all around. Of all the species of hammer head sharks, already 2 are endangered, and 2 are classified as vulnerable. In Africa, the great hammerhead shark is considered critically endangered. 

R E S I N pieces are all incredibly unique. Each one is hand embellished with copper leaf, mounted on 4'x6' board, resin poured, and inlayed with either a crystal, seashell, or fossilized sharks tooth. Made to order! If you have a special or personalized shell or gem you would like added into the corner of this work, please let me know. I would love to show you my collection of intricate jewels that are ready to inlay as well. ALL resins come with a small easel for easy display on shelves, desks, window sills, etc. 

Please allow me 1-3 weeks processing time. The resin must cure for at least 4 days before I wrap it with care in order to ship. 

If you would like me to add a personalized note on the back of your resin for a loved one, I would be happy to. All include a shortened synopsis of the medicine meaning behind the animal. 

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