Whalesharks Shell

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Large blue abalone seashell, triple layer resin pour, hand painted whalesharks directly onto two different layers of resin, inlayed with fresh water pearls, enhanced with rose gold. 

For those interested in commissioning a shell of your very own:

My commissions are full at the moment but can totally put you on the list when I’m ready to paint more! Please know that it may take up to 6 months, sometimes sooner sometimes longer 🙏🏻

All shells are attended with my full presence which I make sure is of pure intention, and take hours and weeks to see to fruition  They are all at least a double layer resin pour, most are 3-4 layers which give the piece incredible depth, dimension, and the illusion that the different ocean kin are floating above and between another. All original hand painted acrylic paintings directly onto the resin. Each shell is hand picked and unique, the abalones are extremely rare and considered precious. All are hand embellished with your choice of precious metal including silver, copper, or gold leaf (option to have 24k gold leaf), and optional fresh water pearl inlays.

The medium abalones range from $190-$380, large abalones range from $280-$440 depending on the size and depth of the shell, how rare the shell currently is, detail of the image(s) and the hours it takes me to paint, allure of the shell, amount of freshwater pearls if any, and how much resin is used. My blister pearl shells are smaller but so so beautiful (they are where pearls come from!) and they range from $190-$270. And the seashell scallops range from $130-$220.

Signature confirmation shipping and the utmost care in fine packaging and handling included, along with an acrylic or natural wooden tripod stand to display your work on. A  portion of the proceeds from your shell will also go toward an organization of your choosing, I suggest and already donate to @hawaiiuncharted @savingtheblue @coralreefeducationinstitute @pnwprotectors @wildhawaii

Let me know what you’d like to see inside one of these amazing and beautiful shells and I'd love to create one with you.

Mahalo nui for the opportunity!

Oceans of kindness and gratitude,